Popular Dancehall Bass Vocalist Bay-C continues to chart a successful solo career with his latest release. 

The mixtape ‘Rise Of A New King’ is a collection of tracks that the artiste has been releasing since the start of the year, along with songs from his recent Better Must Come EP and yet to be released singles that will be out and popping by the summer.


It’s definitely not my first mixtape but it’s great when fans can get a collective representation of you in one project, since last year’s EP showed the roots side of me this ‘Rise Of A New King’ mixtape can showcase the dancehall and fusion sound as well” Bay-C shared


The 14 track compilation also includes international collaborations like ‘Bubble Butt’ with Panamanian artiste Lorna and, Rude Gyal Swing with African Pop artiste Treesha. Other features on the ‘Rise Of a New King’ mixtape come from R&B crooner Gordon Andres, Ahkan of Ghanaian afro beat duo Ruff n Smooth, and Jamaica’s own Shady Squad. 


The ‘Rise Of a New King’ mixtape has 70% dancehall, 30% roots reggae energy and was produced by the immensely popular Kingstone Sound from Cologne, Germany. The artiste believes the project properly defines him as a part of Dancehall history and propels him as a part of Dancehall's future.


“This mixtape is more of Dancehall royalty and me recognizing that position as an artiste. Anyone listening can feel like they're royal as the mixtape is not just about Bay-C but more that each person has the potential to be regal in whatever they do.” Bay-C chimed


There are specific tracks that the artiste wants listeners of the project to pay close attention to as well; the single ‘Bad Anyweh’, an unreleased Afrobeat track called ‘Diamonds’ and the recently released ‘Pop Bottles’ single which is doing quite well at the moment, are among Bay-C favorites on the project. 


The ‘Rise Of a New King’ mixtape is currently on soundcloud for fans to listen to https://soundcloud.com/baycmusic/bayc-the-rise-of-a-new-king. Fans can also look forward to new music from Bay-C in the coming months as well as new merchandise and an upcoming summer European tour.


For full updates on local and overseas gigs visit Bay-C’s website  www.baycmusic.com and follow him on social media @baycmusic


Less than a year after embarking on a seemingly arduous task of rebranding his artiste persona as a solo act; Bay-C, formerly of super group T.O.K, has hit the proverbial jackpot on the International scene. The artiste has seen his collaboration ‘Rude Gyal Swing’ with African Pop artiste Treesha hit number one on the MTV Germany Urban Charts!


The ‘Rude Gyal Swing’ single, recorded earlier this year, has spent a total of 6 weeks on the highly recognized MTV Deutsche Urban Chart since its release earlier this summer. The dance party track, produced by Deebuzz, and Hard2Def out of Germany, is a mix of Electronic Dance Music with a Dancehall flavor.


‘Rude Gyal Swing’ has edged out other international singles, including DJ Khaled ‘I Got My Keys’, Usher ‘No Limit’and Fergie with ‘M.i.l.f Money,’ to make it to the number one spot. Bay-C shared how he got involved with the project and how he feels to be on top of such a highly recognized chart.


One of the producers, Deebuzz reached out to me. They had the song already and wanted a bad dancehall artiste on it so they linked Bay-C! It's an amazing feeling. It is my first chart topper as a solo act so I'm super excited now.”  


Bay-C already saw a huge fan base develop for T.O.K over the last two decades in Germany and Europe in general; however his Solo artiste popularity grew in Germany after his six week solo European tour promoting his ‘Better Must Come’ EP, in May of this year.

My solo music was very well received throughout the “Better Must Come” European tour and I’m sure that with a number one single on the charts it will only grow the Bay-C fan base and brand there.” Bay-C added


Plans are already being finalized to shoot a music video for the ‘Rude Gyal Swing’ single  as well as executing a combined tour featuring Treesha and Bay-C to amp the single’s worldwide promotion. 


The success has definitely not slowed Bay-C’s pace however, he will be releasing additional new singles through to the Christmas season and he will also release the visuals for his ‘Bunx And Galang’ single featuring dancers Shady Squad in a matter of weeks.


For all updates on upcoming and current Bay-C projects, follow the artiste on social media @baycmusic.


Listen to Rude Gyal Swing on SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/deebuzz-muzik-records/deebuzz-hard2def-feat-treesha-bay-c-rude-gyal-swing

Watch Eye For An Eye on BayCVEVO Channel - https://youtu.be/ZgS9JI-UCCo