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who is bay-c


Straight Outta Portmore, Jamaica, BAY-C is the bass voice of Dancehall, known for his witty lyrics and signature deep tone. The musician broke on to the Jamaican music scene in the late 1990’s and has had a successful career, selling platinum albums twice in Japan.

An ambitious entrepreneur, BAY-C is the founder of Jamaica's Coolest Festival, the Blue Mountain Music Festival. A weekend of music, food, camping and nature, the event is one of Jamaica's marquis experiences.

Gifted with a love for innovative projects, BAY-C is also the creator and host of ListenMi News. The weekly newscast is a novel one where BAY-C delivers the latest trending news in the form of song and visuals. Quite popular with the children, ListenMi News has become a platform to educate and entertain.

In 2015, high energy dance track 'Flow' by BAY-C and UK based rapper Doctor got placed in the popular video game Need For Speed.

In 2016, BAY-C released the Better Must Come EP. The 5 track release received critical acclaim. The same year, the artiste went on to top the MTV German Urban Charts with Rude Gyal Swing featuring Kenyan singer Treesha.

In 2017, BAY-C released the mixtape Rise Of A New King. There was immediate backlash as the media perceived the narrative of the mixtape as Bay-C staking his claim as the new King Of Dancehall. Mixed by Kingstone Sound, the project featured acts such as Lorna, Ahkan, Shady Squad, Supahype and Treesha.

In 2018 Bay-C released the most prolific album to date, Holy Temple. Deeply rooted in spirituality and romance, the 10 track album saw Bay-C diving deeper into his personal story and traveling the world to capture visuals. The reggae and dancehall artiste shot videos in the Negev Desert of Israel, the Alps of Germany and the shores of his homeland Jamaica.


Album photo by Silburn Clarke.

Artwork for the Better Must Come EP by Sandy Haessner.

Artwork for Rise Of A New King Mixtape by Omar Burrell.

Artwork for the Holy Temple album by Marcin Margos.

BAY-C appears courtesy of Bombrush Records.








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