David Rodigan Explores the Holy Temple with Bay-C on BBC

Known as one of the most respected selectors and musicologists for the last 40 years, David Rodigan name resonates like royalty across the Reggae World. His influence and credibility goes far and wide and a spot on his BBC 1 Xtra’s radio programme is a slot highly sought out by even the biggest names in the genre. Needless to say then it was an honour for Bay-C to have Rodigan sit down and have a one hour long dive into his nee album Holy Temple. The two held very deep conversations and even some startling revelations about the time Bay-C has been working on this album, the places traveled while making it and the current status of the collective TOK.

Listen the full Rodigan show here (Bay-C interview starts after the first hour)!



Bay-C has this summer kick started his second solo European stint called the ‘New Kingdom’ tour. His first post T.O.K tour in 2016 was a major success as he received positive feedback for his solo material, specifically his EP ‘Better Must Come’ which acted as a personal message for the artist.

Feedback on the talented vocalist’s mixtape ‘Rise of a New King’ has been really good. The project is considered a tad controversial as well because it's called ‘Rise of a New King’ which can be interpreted as Bay-C claiming the title ‘King Of the Dancehall’.

Everyone can be considered a King in their own right, and it doesn’t have to mean dethroning anyone else to do it. I am definitely not competing with other artistes but I know I’m a King in Dancehall on an international level” Bay-C shared.

This ‘New Kingdom’ European tour is targeting Reggae and Dancehall lovers all across Europe. Performances are slated for UK, Germany, Italy, Finland, Slovakia and Holland. Already the artiste has performed at Mamanera Beach in South Italy to an exceptional crowd.

I’m Feeling real good about this new tour. It’s already pretty awesome, we could say we're building on the Bay-C fanbase in those countries.” Bay-Cadded.

Bay-C is expected to perform next at Reggae Jam in Germany later this week. He intends to gain new fans, excite the existing ones and get more inspiration for his future projects throughout the tour. Most importantly the ‘New Kingdom’ tour will see Bay-C being an Ambassador for Jamaica, its music and culture.

For all updates on the Tour follow Bay-C on social media @baycmusic or log on to his website www.baycmusic.com.


Popular Dancehall Bass Vocalist Bay-C continues to chart a successful solo career with his latest release. 

The mixtape ‘Rise Of A New King’ is a collection of tracks that the artiste has been releasing since the start of the year, along with songs from his recent Better Must Come EP and yet to be released singles that will be out and popping by the summer.


It’s definitely not my first mixtape but it’s great when fans can get a collective representation of you in one project, since last year’s EP showed the roots side of me this ‘Rise Of A New King’ mixtape can showcase the dancehall and fusion sound as well” Bay-C shared


The 14 track compilation also includes international collaborations like ‘Bubble Butt’ with Panamanian artiste Lorna and, Rude Gyal Swing with African Pop artiste Treesha. Other features on the ‘Rise Of a New King’ mixtape come from R&B crooner Gordon Andres, Ahkan of Ghanaian afro beat duo Ruff n Smooth, and Jamaica’s own Shady Squad. 


The ‘Rise Of a New King’ mixtape has 70% dancehall, 30% roots reggae energy and was produced by the immensely popular Kingstone Sound from Cologne, Germany. The artiste believes the project properly defines him as a part of Dancehall history and propels him as a part of Dancehall's future.


“This mixtape is more of Dancehall royalty and me recognizing that position as an artiste. Anyone listening can feel like they're royal as the mixtape is not just about Bay-C but more that each person has the potential to be regal in whatever they do.” Bay-C chimed


There are specific tracks that the artiste wants listeners of the project to pay close attention to as well; the single ‘Bad Anyweh’, an unreleased Afrobeat track called ‘Diamonds’ and the recently released ‘Pop Bottles’ single which is doing quite well at the moment, are among Bay-C favorites on the project. 


The ‘Rise Of a New King’ mixtape is currently on soundcloud for fans to listen to https://soundcloud.com/baycmusic/bayc-the-rise-of-a-new-king. Fans can also look forward to new music from Bay-C in the coming months as well as new merchandise and an upcoming summer European tour.


For full updates on local and overseas gigs visit Bay-C’s website  www.baycmusic.com and follow him on social media @baycmusic


After a successful first year for his solo career, popular bass vocalist Bay-C - formerly of super group T.O.K, is doing exceptionally well in the Latin market with a sizzling collaboration. The artiste paired up last year with Latin sensation Lorna for a few singles including the popular track ‘Bubble Butt" produced by noted Panama based genius, Seven The Producer. 
“Lorna is a huge sensation in Panama with her hit song "Papichulo" so it’s a big deal to work with her. We have been friends for a long time so once I launched my solo career, she reached out to do the track ”Love You” and the ‘Bubble Butt’ single came next”. Bay-C shared.

The artiste has seen his collaboration”Love You” top a few charts in Panama and receive great rotation there, the video was also nominated for several awards in Panama and is also trending in Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain. With the release of the ‘Bubble Butt" video, the second Bay-C and Lorna collaboration is also set to become a massive hit in the Latin American market.

The ‘Bubble Butt" video has also amped the promotion of the song itself; with the latest dancehall moves incorporated into the visuals the interest has increased specifically with Latin American dancehall lovers; even Latin dance crews have posted viral videos to the single. The Official video is now available on popular streaming site YouTube.

Bay- C also started the first quarter of 2017 by releasing a hot new single each week, so far he has dropped Reggae tracks; "Better Must Come", "Talking Blues", and Bobby Digital produced "Foundation"; street singles like "Bad Anyweh" and "Fearless"; and party tracks like "Come Let Me", "Car Sexy" featuring Esco and "Pop Bottles" for Supahype's UFO Miles Riddim.

“It’s a musical attack, I record new singles every day so there is a lot of unreleased tracks ready to be heard. I want to put it all out there so the dj’s and music lovers get to hear and enjoy the genre’. Bay-C added.

Fans can look forward to more singles from Bay-C and possibly more collaboration with Latin artistes, but he is keeping those details quiet for now. Plans are already being finalized however to begin a Latin American tour with Panamanian artiste Lorna.

For all updates on Bay-C follow him on all social media platforms @baycmusic, or log on to his website WWW.BAYCMUSIC.COM.


Less than a year after embarking on a seemingly arduous task of rebranding his artiste persona as a solo act; Bay-C, formerly of super group T.O.K, has hit the proverbial jackpot on the International scene. The artiste has seen his collaboration ‘Rude Gyal Swing’ with African Pop artiste Treesha hit number one on the MTV Germany Urban Charts!


The ‘Rude Gyal Swing’ single, recorded earlier this year, has spent a total of 6 weeks on the highly recognized MTV Deutsche Urban Chart since its release earlier this summer. The dance party track, produced by Deebuzz, and Hard2Def out of Germany, is a mix of Electronic Dance Music with a Dancehall flavor.


‘Rude Gyal Swing’ has edged out other international singles, including DJ Khaled ‘I Got My Keys’, Usher ‘No Limit’and Fergie with ‘M.i.l.f Money,’ to make it to the number one spot. Bay-C shared how he got involved with the project and how he feels to be on top of such a highly recognized chart.


One of the producers, Deebuzz reached out to me. They had the song already and wanted a bad dancehall artiste on it so they linked Bay-C! It's an amazing feeling. It is my first chart topper as a solo act so I'm super excited now.”  


Bay-C already saw a huge fan base develop for T.O.K over the last two decades in Germany and Europe in general; however his Solo artiste popularity grew in Germany after his six week solo European tour promoting his ‘Better Must Come’ EP, in May of this year.

My solo music was very well received throughout the “Better Must Come” European tour and I’m sure that with a number one single on the charts it will only grow the Bay-C fan base and brand there.” Bay-C added


Plans are already being finalized to shoot a music video for the ‘Rude Gyal Swing’ single  as well as executing a combined tour featuring Treesha and Bay-C to amp the single’s worldwide promotion. 


The success has definitely not slowed Bay-C’s pace however, he will be releasing additional new singles through to the Christmas season and he will also release the visuals for his ‘Bunx And Galang’ single featuring dancers Shady Squad in a matter of weeks.


For all updates on upcoming and current Bay-C projects, follow the artiste on social media @baycmusic.


Listen to Rude Gyal Swing on SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/deebuzz-muzik-records/deebuzz-hard2def-feat-treesha-bay-c-rude-gyal-swing

Watch Eye For An Eye on BayCVEVO Channel - https://youtu.be/ZgS9JI-UCCo


For Immediate release July 2, 2016, Kingston, Jamaica- Recording artiste BayC recently returned from his first successful European tour since departing from the legendary group, TOK.  Embarking on his journey to greatness in his solo career, BayC has released his “Eye for an Eye” video filmed on Germany’s historic Berlin Wall.  In “Eye for an Eye,” BayC reintroduces himself to his fans as a multifaceted talent embracing the skills he learned as a dancehall artiste while showcasing his first reggae recording.   

The ‘Eye for an Eye’ video fresh off the highly anticipated ‘Better Must Come’ EP, is a lyrical and visual tour through world history as BayC traverses Germany filming on the historic Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Memorial.

“I had one foot in a piece of history, and my next foot standing in the future. ‘Eye for an Eye’ is a reminder not to allow history to repeat itself and to create a space where love dominates hate.” BayC detailed.

The artiste also described working with Israeli director Benjamin Lidsky on the ‘Eye For An Eye,’ video project in Germany as “A nice vibe. I respect his work. He flew in from Israel to shoot it. His ancestors experienced a part of the history upon which we stood.  The lens is built to tell the truth, I couldn’t have told the story with anyone but him.  Much respect.”

Culminating his European tour shooting the ‘Eye for an Eye’ video in Germany left a lasting impression on BayC.

It reminded me to appreciate my freedom and acknowledge the history of oppression, the same story being rewritten in parts of the world today using different characters.  Better Mus Come.” BayC added.

The Music Video for ‘Eye For An Eye’ is now available on BayCVEVO and on local TV channels. Follow @baycmusic on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for all updates.




Since focusing on a solo career late last year, T.O.K bass vocalist, Bay-C, has seen positive responses and growing success for his solo material. The artiste has now completed his first European tour as a solo act earlier this month.

The eight city tour saw Bay-C performing in countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Though a seasoned artiste while with mega group T.O.K, Bay-C considers himself a new artist when promoting his solo project.

 “Honestly I didn't know what to expect. Its my first solo tour ever so it was all a new experience. Fortunately for me, all the shows were well attended. Feels good to say, “the tour sell off!" Bay-C shared.

The artiste never envisioned being a solo act but was prepared for the possibility knowing that the fans would be there to support.

 “I knew there were always Bay-C fans out there that loved the bass voice and wanted to hear music from me. In that sense I knew I would have the support if i did go solo" Bay C added. 

While on tour Bay-C was promoting his five track EP entitled ‘Better Must Come’. 

The project, a variety of sounds spanning from Reggae to Dancehall with some Acoustic elements; acts as a personal message from the artiste to say now that he has left TOK, better must come.

  In Europe, Bay-C also took the opportunity to shoot a music video for his ‘Eye for an Eye’ Single on the famous Berlin Wall; the video should be released in a matter of weeks.  

His  recent collaboration, ‘Love You’ with Panamanian singer Lorna, has been creating quite a stir in many Latin American countries including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile and Panama.

Bay-C is also set to collaborate with local popular dance group Shady Squad on a dance inspired single. 

For all updates on Bay-C and his music follow @baycmusic on all social media platforms.

 Listen to Bay-C Eye for an Eye audio here




Artiste, Promoter, Producer and TV personality Roshaun ‘Bay-C’ Clarke has lent his immense star power to an extremely worthy cause.

Bay-C, now a solo artiste formerly from Super Group T.O.K, has signed on as a Celebrity Patron for The One Health One Caribbean One Love Initiative (OHOCOL); set up to fight diseases such as Zika Virus and Chickungunya by encouraging a new approach between Human Doctors, Veterinary Doctors and Environmental Doctors.

The initiative, funded by the European Union, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation of Agriculture (IICA), believes that through collaborative efforts between the three disciplines, there is a stronger chance of fighting diseases as most diseases start from the environment, foster in animals and then transcend to people. 

Bay-C first got introduced to the players while working on his inaugural Blue Mountain Music Festival in 2014.

While doing that event I got to meet many environmental doctors who I share a common passion with - that of a healthier environment. One of the Doctors I met, Dr. Chandra Degia, is part of the One Health Caribbean project and she invited me to be a part of it.” Bay-C explained

For the initiative, twelve countries across the Caribbean including; Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica, Belize and Grenada, create their own project. Bay-C began his appearances in Jamaica in 2015; the latest sojourn saw him being invited to Guyana for the launch of their One Health project last week.

In Guyana we are working on waste management, to encourage and implement healthier practices in disposing of waste in the homes and communities. I performed in a few primary and secondary high schools in Guyana as well as at the launch of the One Health Guyana Project.” Bay C added

Bay-C has always been an advocate of improving environmental health and playing a role in overall world safety initiatives, he firmly believes that everyone has a role to play especially those who have the ears of the masses.  

There aren't many artistes that leverage their popularity for causes such as these, but I do because I think the world needs a wakeup call. Climate change is real, diseases are real, and so if I can create more awareness in the general population then my talents are not only for fame but also for a cause, which is a win-win in my eyes.” Bay-C admonished.

Bay-C, who released a brand new solo EP entitled ‘Better Must Come’ in March, will be incorporating this new material in his performances throughout the region for the One Love Health Initiative, and will be heavily involved in the Jamaican arm of the project very soon.

He also will be heading to Europe in May on a one month promotional tour for his “Better Must Come” EP. Already the project has received rave international reviews. 

To keep up with Bay-C, fans can subscribe to his brand new visual platform BAYCVEVO on YouTube and follow on all social media platforms @baycmusic.


Bay-C, Part of the 4 member Dancehall /Reggae group T.O.K, has always recorded quality solo singles since he released his project called ‘The Bombrush Hour’ in 2009.  With his venture now though as a bonafide solo artiste, he has prepared a quality EP project entitled “Better Must Come” that he is sure fans will thoroughly enjoy.

Bay-C’s solo artiste push has so far been extremely successful; a dance music single called ‘Flow’ he recorded with British producer Lokate and British artiste Doctor, was recently selected for the latest version of popular video game - Need for Speed. Bay-C is very excited about this achievement and sees it as a sign his solo career decision was an excellent one.

This is definite major exposure. Plus it is a sign that the Bay-C brand as a solo act is a successful one. Truth is I hardly play video games. It was only after the song was selected that I asked around and heard had that it was a hugely popular game. Needless to say I was even more excited then!” Bay-C shared

The ‘Better Must Come’ EP shows Bay-C’s versatility with a blend of Reggae and Dancehall and a little acoustic sound in the mix. Bay-C is also singing as much as he deejays on the project.

The EP is a mixture of sounds and themes. My lifestyle is that of a conscious individual with deep thoughts but also a very fun and jovial side. I see myself as that kind of artiste, a conscious lover of life and people.” Bay-C added

The project is Executively Produced by Bay-C’s Bombrush Records with individual record labels producing each single on the EP; European based Damalistik and his Roots Survival label, Fatta 5 and his Category 5 label, Genius Sound and Bassline Records.

The Eye for an Eye single was released for Reggae month and has garnered exceptional feedback thus far. Other singles on the ‘Better Must Come’ EP include; ‘Straight Outta Portmore’, ‘Hold it out’, ‘Star’ and the title track ‘Better Must Come’.The full EP will be released digitally on Good Friday, March 25, and is distributed by Bombrush Records.

Visuals for Straight Outta Portmore can be viewed on BayCVevo page or on the Bombrush Records YouTube Page, and a music video for the "Eye For An Eye" single will be released shortly. Bay-C will perform next on the RJR Cross Country Invasion Road Show on April 2 inside Clarendon, St Elizabeth and Manchester.

Listen to Bay-C Eye for an Eye audio here