Roshaun Clarke, best known to the world as Bay-C is Dancehall's most recognizable bass voice. Formerly a member of iconic quartet TOK, this musician is an extremely multi-talented phenomenon. Bay-C began his journey in music from high school at Campion College, singing in the choir with his soon to be band mates. It was not long before their dreams of being Jamaica's premier boy band came to a reality and the group stamped their name in Jamaica's history as legends. Dubbed by New York Times as the world's greatest Reggae boy band, it was inevitable that they sell platinum albums and score on the Billboard charts. Beyond his success with TOK, Bay-C has also been quite an innovator, producing the Caribbean's first edu-taining news program ListenMi News. Here the dj shows his lyrical prowess by delivering the news daily in song and video format on National television in Jamaica, similar to that of a traditional anchor. 

Bay-C and his Bombrush Record label are also responsible for producing some of the biggest hits in Reggae and Dancehall. In addition, the label is known for its premier annual event, The Blue Mountain Music Festival. 

After years of making music in the unit TOK, the deep voiced Dj has announced his pursuit of a solo career to the delight to many of his fans. With a debut project, The Better Must Come EP in stores on March 25 and a full length album set to follow, Bay-C is definitely on a Journey To Greatness.


Photographer: Michael Wilson

Musician: Bay-C